Meet the Horses

We take pride in providing a class act for your event! Our Black Percheron and Spotted Draft horses are immaculately bathed, clipped, and groomed for each event. For most events, we braid the mane and tail, paint the hoofs, and add bells or other special effects depending on the event.

A horse drawn carriage can be a fun and elegant addition to any wedding.

This is Andy. He stands at 17.2 hands, or approximately 68 inches high at the top of the shoulder. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Jackie Bishop of Jump Rope Stables for this wonderful horse.

Did you think you would ever see a draft horse taking a jump? Andy obviously doesn't mind.

Sam (camera left) and Artax, on their first drive together..

Sam was purchased in May, 2009 in Ellensburg, Washington. We'd like to thank trainer Kristine Williams, for the work she put in on Sam! Sam is four years old (in 2009) and 17.2 hands high. We'd like to extend our thanks also to Heather Timms in Ohio for selling us this wonderful horse named Artax. Artax is five years old (in 2009) and stands at 17.2 hands.

A 'hand' is used to represent the distance between the spread fingers of a man's hand; from the tip of the thumb to the little finger. It is now standardized to 4 inches and is measured from the ground to a horse's withers (a point on the spinal column just behind the neck). Taking that into account, both Sam and Artax measure 68.8 inches high at the withers, or a little over five feet eight inches.

This is Cane and Prince at the Old Settler's Picnic in Ferndale, Washington. The second picture is Bill and Cap being harnessed for the BP Picnic. These are good shots to observe their beautiful harness and how it works. Click on the pictures to view a larger image.

The old leather harness with collar weighed up to 150 pounds. The newer "biothane" harnesses are touted as being three times as strong and a third of the weight. I don't know if this is really true, but it's not far off. The new harness is from a "space age" plastic, with leather wear pads under the plastic where it comes in contact with the horse. The original biothane was developed by the NASA space program. It can be just hosed off and cleaned with soap and water.

This is Cane. He stands at 18.1 hands.
This is Sam with his trainer, Kristine Williams riding.

Cal Brown and Julie Vandekamp at the 2010 International Plowing Match in Lynden, Washington.

Driving Prince, Cap and Honey, three abreast, at an open house in Everson, WA.

Tony Beck driving Bandit at a show in Redmond, Oregon.
Bandit is nine years old (2010) and stands 17.1 hands, or
just over 68 inches/5ft 7 inches at the withers.

We use our horses on the farm, plowing, hauling manure, harrowing fields, etc. We also saddle up and ride them!

Paul using Prince, Cane and an antique Van Brunt seed drill to reseed a pasture.

This is the first time this wonderful old steam fire wagon has been hitched up in 18 years. The building in the background is the same building it was housed in when they bought it in 1901. It was replaced by a truck in 1906.

Our horses are worked year round. They are traffic safe. They are accustomed to balloons, umbrellas, bouncing tents, large crowds, loud music, and almost any other unusual thing found at a large gathering.

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