More Horse Pictures

John Bartell driving Cap with our smaller Vis-A-Vis Carriage at a wedding.

John Bartell driving Cap at a Wedding.
Prince and Cane

Paul driving Prince and Cane.

Paul Nelson took 1st place in the Working Cart class in the Washington Draft Horse and Mule Extravaganza at the Evergreen State Fair.

Paul Nelson driving a Cart.
Not Another Bath!!

Cody getting a bath.

A lot of work goes into preparing the horses for an event. Each one is brushed, combed and bathed to look their very best for you.

In this picture, Paul Nelson is slicking the excess moisture off Cody so he will dry more quickly. These scrapers are also used to remove sweat when they are washed after being driven in an event.

Cody getting dried off.
Two Draft Horses Playing

Draft Horses like to kick up their heels, run and play, just like smaller horses do.

It is quite a sight, watching these large, powerful, animals cavort about the fields.

Two draft horses kicking up their heels

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